Rust Rust Conqueror Haven (Autowipe)

Elevate your Rust experience with the Rust Conqueror Haven package. Enjoy increased resources, expanded player slots, and enhanced server performance, providing a robust environment for your group to thrive in the harsh world of Rust.

  • Ideal for 20 players - Player Count Setting Unlocked
  • 8-Core Xeon Processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Storage
  • Gigabit connection
  • Web-based Feature-Rich Administration Panel
  • Initial Biling Cycle Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Options

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Select the location
The maximum amount of players allowed in the server at once.
The name of your server in the public server list.
Set whether you want the server to use and auto update OxideMod or not. Valid options are "1" for true and "0" for false.
The world file for Rust to use.
The description under your server title. Commonly used for rules & info. Use \n for newlines.
The URL for your server. This is what comes up when clicking the "Visit Website" button.
The world size for a procedural map.
The seed for a procedural map.
The header image for the top of your server listing.
RCON access password.
Sets the server’s auto-save interval in seconds.
If the server should have its files removed and regenerate the server seed on reinstall.
A space-separated list of files to remove when regenerating the server on reinstall. Default is: server/rust/player.deaths.*.db server/rust/player.identities.*.db server/rust/player.states.*.db server/rust/player.tokens.db proceduralmap.*.*.*.map server/rust/proceduralmap.*.*.*.sav oxide/data/Kits_Data.json oxide/data/NTeleportationHome.json oxide/data/ServerRewards/player_data.json oxide/data/PTTracker/playtime_data.json
Overwrites the map with the one from the direct download URL. Invalid URLs will cause the server to crash.

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